Handcrafted furniture made in Portugal

Nordic style with a rustic touch

Our work

We specialize in crafting furniture that blends Nordic and Rustic styles.Our workshop focuses on crafting our own designed wooden furniture that embodies design, sustainability, longevity, and affordability.We create our pieces from design to final product, offering customization options for each order. We collaborate with clients to bring their ideas to life, crafting pieces tailored to their needs and imagination.Despite using solid wood and traditional woodworking techniques, our pieces are designed for easy assembly at home, allowing shipping across the EU and the UK.We prioritize sustainability, exclusively using certified sustainably sourced wood. By choosing materials responsibly, each piece enhances your living space and positively contributes to the environment.We take pride in our craftsmanship, offering personalized service without intermediaries. Integrating design with traditional craftsmanship, we produce unique pieces with meticulous attention to detail.All our work is crafted from high-quality pine sourced from certified sustainable origins.

About us

Aegis Woodworks is rooted in the journey of two individuals, Valentina and Egidio, both graduates in graphic design. Over 15 years ago, armed with our designer's skills and a shared passion for creativity, we embarked on a unique path.Our story began with a simple idea: crafting the furniture for our home. What started as a practical solution soon evolved into a passion project.As we crafted each piece, we discovered a deep connection to the art of woodworking. Since then, our journey has been one of continuous growth and exploration. We've honed our skills through dedication and hard work, turning our passion into a thriving craft.Today we are based in the beautiful city of Lisbon and Aegis Woodworks is a testament to our shared journey and commitment to following our hearts.Each piece we create carries with it a story: a story of love, dedication, and the pursuit of craftsmanship."

Some works

How does it work?

Similar to any small workshop, the majority of our work is made to order, and occasionally we have ready-made products available for immediate sale.We offer a variety of products with standard measurements and finishes that can be ordered as they are or customized according to the needs of our clients.To provide a reliable shopping experience for our customers, we have chosen to establish our online store on the Etsy platform.As a marketplace dedicated to handmade products, we believe Etsy offers the best online shopping experience available.Additionally, we also accept orders directly via email.Regardless of the method you choose, we encourage you to visit our store https://www.etsy.com/shop/AegisWoodworks where you can explore our products and their prices in more detail."

Words from our clients

Amazing piece of furniture, the finish is beautfiul and customer service on point. The seller was eager to answer any questions regarding the product or shipping. It's even better than in the pictures, would highly recommend this product!Otto on Apr 4, 2024 / Germany

...The design and the final product were amazing. Great quality wood and a really solid piece of furniture. This is my third purchase from Aegis Wood and I really love everything about it.Gabriel on Feb 20, 2024 / Netherlands

So easy to put together and such a lovely addition to my children's room. Everything was as described, shipped very quickly, and arrived perfectly wrapped and in perfect condition. Great value for money. I would recommend it!Giorgia on Sep 24, 2023 / Ireland

Absolutely beautiful work that basically encourages one to sit down and get stuff done! ... Communication was excellent and putting it together very easy with the given instructions. Everything arrived safely packaged. Thank you!Isabel on Oct 1, 2023 / Finland

I love this unique piece. The colour looks much better in person and it really pops. Great communication from Egidio. I cannot wait to collaborate on a new piece of furniture!McGuire on Jul 13, 2023 / UK

Contact us

Rua Cidade da Praia 363-B
1800 119 - Olivais, Lisbon - Portugal
Phone + WhatsApp: +351 965486264

We care about the ambient so we only use certified sustainably sourced wood.
This initiative has counted on the support of these institutions.